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Welcome to the Just Gaia speciality coffee Halifax. A full range of amazing speciality coffee beans from our family shop in The Piece Hall, West Yorkshire

Below is all about the range of Speciality Coffee at Just Gaia and some information on our “Coffee at Just Gaia Club” subscription box.

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See the sections below for more information on our coffee. All of which is speciality standard and available to order as beans or ground coffee in our shop.

In this area, it’s all about speciality coffee beans ready for you to grind at home.

If you need just fresh coffee and have your own equipment to make the coffee, including a grinder look below at the different speciality coffee beans we currently have available.

You can get them packed in clip-lock tins, card tubes or loose to refill your container at home, zero waste style as you would expect from Just Gaia.

Take a look at the selection down the page.

As a local business, we believe in quality, locally produced products. Especially when it comes to essentials and everyday items.

While coffee beans themselves come from all over the world. We always look for great local roasters that get their beans from the best locations, farmed in a way that is sustainable and fair.

We use roasteries in Huddersfield and Halifax along with some guest roasters from other Yorkshire regions. All of which produce amazing coffee with different flavours.

But also help our plastic free promise by reducing their packaging’s plastic content. Or allowing us to return containers to be refilled.

This was how we developed our range of single origin coffee and created some of the best original blends of speciality coffee Halifax has to offer.

Our roasters like to experiment with different blends and beans from all over the world. To be honest, we love tasting them too!

They find the best speciality coffee you can get from places like Africa, South America and Asia.

We bring these together in amazing coffee blends, some with some interesting names and flavours. Plus, we love the unique taste from single-origin coffee.

Whatever you get, we always look for the best coffee out there, with a focus on natural coffee that really packs a flavourful punch as you drink it.

Watch out for our special “Gaia Blends” too made exclusively for Just Gaia.

We love a good blend of beans. But there’s something special about single origin speciality coffee.

With single origins you have only the beans from a specific region and, usually, these are seasonal too and can be different one batch to the next.

They pick up the flavour of the area they grow and can vary even in the same country. Ethiopia is a popular county for one of our roasters and we have a range of single origins from there. All full of flavour, but all different.

We are always on the lookout for more so watch for different single-origin specialist coffee Halifax, the list will grow.

We have quite a range of coffee and always like to add more. If that sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, why not consider our subscription box?

You get 3 different coffees included with house blends, single-origin coffee and guest roasters as well.

Find out more about joining the Coffee at Just Gaia Club here.