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We’d love to help with any queries you may have so find out how to contact us at Just Gaia in Halifax, West Yorkshire here on this page. Plus, where to find us in The Piece Hall building along with some FAQs about our shop.

Where to find Just Gaia in Halifax

Where is Just Gaia in The Piece Hall?

Find us inside The Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We are on the North Wall on the Rustic Level, the middle floor, right next to Gin Lane Shop.

28 The Piece Hall, Blackledge, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 1RE

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put some FAQs below to help you know more about visiting Just Gaia.

To find us inside The Piece Hall, you first need to head to the North wall. This is the wall closest to The Woolshops entrance and where Gin Lane bar is located.

On this wall we are based on the Rustic Level, this is the middle floor where the North Wall has three floors.

You can find us above Gin Lane bar and right next to the Gin Lane shop. Get there by heading towards the corner of the North wall where it meets the East Wall, where the Visitor Centre is located.

Look for our logo around there and you’ll find us!

Being a family business, we are of course, a family friendly shop and welcome you and your little ones for a visit. There is plenty in the shop for them to enjoy, the nut butter and orange juice machines are both very popular with children!

If you are staying around in the Just Gaia cafe, we have some plastic free toys they can enjoy while you have a coffee or tea and they have a hot chocolate (big kids allowed a hot chocolate too of course).

Much like The Piece Hall, yes we are dog friendly too. In fact, Ross is likely to insist you come in if you have a dog, you have been warned!

With us having food in the shop, all we ask is to keep dogs away from the fresh fruit and veg.

Of course! Come in, see us and feel welcome. We welcome anyone who wants our to go plastic free, enjoy some fresh food and quality products, without the plastic.

Whatever your gender or preference in a partner, you are welcome in Just Gaia. 

Yes, we have lots of Vegan friendly products and all our cafe drinks are available with nut, oat, soy milk and more.

Many products in are shop are vegan friendly, organic and sourced sustainably.

There is a mix of Vegan and Non-Vegan in some areas of Just Gaia so please ask us if you have any questions on our products when you visit.

In order to get onto the Rustic level within The Piece Hall there are a few stairs up from the Arcade or ground floor level.

Next to the set of stairs on the North Wall main entrance, leading from The Woolshops there is a lift. This can be used to access the Rustic level where you will come out near The Yorkshire Gallery.

From here head towards the East Wall, towards the corner. You will find us just before the stairs.

For wheelchair users, we recommend you come in via the Cafe entrance, this is the closest door to the corner of the North Wall.

This is because the shop side entrance can have some areas around the fruit and veg that are hard to pass through at times.

Just Gaia is a plastic free shop and cafe, but within that set up we are zero waste in our philosophy too.

By plastic free, we mean our customers will not leave the shop with any single use plastics. Even if something looks plastic, it’s not! We have suppliers that use many plant based transparent film that will compost.

Using our Zero Waste area you will see a self-service, touch screen printer that calculates what you have dispensed by weight.

Even if you bring your own container, it can weigh it first and deduct the weight after you fill it.

But we have more to offer than zero waste shopping, including a range of amazing organic fruit and veg, make you own nut butter and freshly squeezed orange just. Plus, organic semi-skimmed milk on dispenser from one of the UK’s best organic dairy farms

Additionally, we have plastic free home products for washing, cleaning and storage. Along with personal hygiene items, soap and shampoo and gift sets.

We are here for your convenience at Just Gaia so there is no need to bring your own container. Although, to save on waste, it would be amazing if you could.

You can simply use a paper bag, provided in store, to pick up any zero waste products and refill when you get home.

Use the “I’ve filled a paper bag…” option on the self service till and tap the product you have filled it with. Print the product and price sticker and you are done.

If you do want to bring your own container, that is great! Use the touch screen scales before you fill your container. Place the empty container on top and it will give you a barcode for it.

Stick the compostable sticker onto your container and fill with anything you like, the barcode will remember the weight before it was full.

Then, choose the “I have filled a container…” option and scan the barcode. This deducts the original weight. Simply pick what you put inside and print your price and product label.

That’s it! 

Yes, come and sit inside at our bar and have a chat. Little ones have toys to play with while you wait and you can get a range of quality drinks and snacks.

You can take-away any of our drinks too, we’d love it if you brought your own travel cup (or pick up one of ours) to reuse. In fact, we’d like it so much you’ll get a discount on your drink.

We also offer compostable coffee cups to take away but please dispose these responsibly.

We have barista made, speciality coffee made to your liking. This includes are house coffee blended and roasted to speciality standard with a medium roast beans for a rich but elegant flavour.

Plus our guest, single origin coffee for something that little bit unique.

We have beautiful loose leaf tea in different blends and flavours, including the Just Gaia breakfast blend you won’t find elsewhere.

Our hot chocolate is made from melted chocolate too for the smoothest, decadent chocolate drink.

If you decide you would like something from our shop or a drink and snack from the cafe bar, you can pay very easily.

We have a card payment system compatible with all major debit and credit cards including the main players in Visa and Mastercard but also Amex, Discover/Diner’s Club, Union Pay and JCB.

These are all available as chip and pin along with contactless payments too.

For those using phones, we can accept all NFC payment schemes such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay too. These are not limited by the contactless limit and can be used for larger payments if required.

Of course, good old pound sterling is welcome too if you would like to pay in cash.

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