Would you like to help shape our speciality subscription box?

Since we started Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, we have sourced some amazing coffee from a number of different local roasters.

We’ve showcased some stunning single origin coffee in the Just Gaia cafe alongside our own “Gaia” range of our own selection.

Plus, people love taking home our barista, speciality standard home in plastic free packaging. Something we are keen for more people to be able to do with a range of coffee heading to the online shop soon.

Down the page find out what we are hoping to offer in our boxes when they are ready to launch. Given people are at home more at present, this will be sooner rather than later.

As ever we want your input making our box right for the community.

So, fill in the short form right here and help us form the box.

Find our more about the box below and how by signing up, you could win one…

What you will get in our speciality coffee subscription box halifax

Whatever the box becomes, we can guarantee it will meet our high standards for products.

What we can say you will receive in the box when it arrives is the following..

  • Top quality speciality coffee roasted in the local region and across Yorkshire
  • Single origin coffee for some fresh, incredible flavour
  • Guest roasters and their signature blends
  • Just Gaia’s own special select coffee roasted for us
  • Completely Plastic Free packaging 
  • Postage right to your door or pick up at Just Gaia in The Piece Hall
Coffee at Just Gaia Club square image - Speciality coffee subscription box logo

Help form our subscription box

Does this sound good? For coffee lovers I’m sure it sounds something to enjoy. And following the Coffee at Just Gaia sessions on our Facebook, we know you all like a good coffee.

So, if that sounds like something for, please pop your details in below registering your email for interest.

Answer to the easy questions and any suggestions you may have below. This way we can make a coffee subscription box Halifax will really love.

If all that wasn’t enough, ANYONE who fills in the form will be entered into a draw to win a free box when the service goes live. 

    Do you know a coffee lover?

    You have come this far…

    Thanks for completing the form above. Please help us get more people to know about this upcoming speciality coffee subscription box, because we really do want to make this for the coffee lovers of Halifax!

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