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Welcome to the Just Gaia plastic free cleaning products range from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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Ok, many of you out there are not going to be cleaning fans. It’s not the most exciting part of your day in most cases.

But, one thing we all need to be more aware of is the plastic waste created from cleaning at home or at work.

Sponges, cloths, scourers and spray bottles all waste plastic and many of them send particles of microplastics into the water down your sink.

That’s why we have a great range of alternative products that use coconut, natural fibres and other items that not only stop the plastic waste, they really do make for fantastic cleaning products.

One theme you’ll see is the quality you get from coconut-based cleaning products here at Just Gaia.

They are not only natural, sustainable and they decompose so the parts don’t harm animals when they go into the water. But they are really tough too.

They cut through your grease and dirty dishes just like the green or white scouring pads made from plastic.

It’s naturally antibacterial and really effective with some great options available from the range below.

Now, we are not too against spray at Just Gaia since it’s really effective at cleaning. But, rather than have single-use spray, why not simply reuse the bottle?

We have ocean saver refills to make that the case for your kitchen and bathroom spray so one bottle is all you’ll need.

You can reduce the amount of plastic further by using specialist soap too.

See our dish soap and cleaning soap range to really bring up the house to a shine without all the chemicals.

View the range below and filter by area if you like.