Step One: Research (Complete) ✅

Going plastic free is what we stand for at Just Gaia. There is so much about our lives we can change to reduce waste.

But what does this mean to you, individually? What does it mean for the lifestyle you have?

We don’t want to “guess” this, we want to find out exactly what it means to you.

Because of that, we prepared a questionnaire that has been completed with a tonne of amazing responses.

We are going through them now, want to know more about the result? Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more.

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What’s next

The research phase was closed at the end of Sunday, October 11th and we’re now start reviewing the results.

Next, we’ll take the findings from them and move swiftly into step two.



Case Studies

When we move into step two, which will be very quickly after the research is reviewed, we’ll really start to shape the work

For those who identify themselves as “up for” a case study, you’ll be contacted to get involved.

This is an option on the form so make sure you tick it.



Once you are in, we’ll speak with you about your personal journey and challenges reducing you plastic and waste.

After that, get ready for the big announcement!

We’ll get everything together to confirm exactly what we’ll be releasing.

Honestly, we can’t wait!

Thank you very much for your interest and completing the form. For updates do quickly subscribe to our newsletter using the button here:

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