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Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste toothcare section from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of quality personal protective equipment made locally and produced ethically.

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We are always adding new products to the online shop so do keep this page in your favourites to keep popping back to when you need something.

There is a lot to say on this subject as to why to change over. There are so many effects from our use of traditional toothpaste and toothbrushes or heads that we don’t see.

Mainly it’s around the sheer volume of waste, particularly toothpaste tubes. Chances are every single toothpaste tube you have ever used is still somewhere on our planet in pretty much the same state as it was when you left it.

They are incredibly difficult to recycle due to the contents and materials used. Your toothbrush is slightly better but not much.

Here at Just Gaia we believe you can get at least the same quality from our zero waste tooth care range as you would usually, if not better.

The number one question we get with using tooth tabs instead of toothpaste is “how do you use it?”

It’s very straightforward, to be honest. You put it in your mouth and chew a few sections and then start brushing!

The first time you do it, it might feel a little odd but you soon get used to it. Our Just Gaia tooth tabs are nice and minty and soon foam up in your mouth.

You get 62 in one of our tins, plus you can even order to get a refill of your tin right here online.

Rather than the plastic material of your traditional brush, you can instead opt for a sustainable bamboo toothbrush from our range of toothbrushes online.

These are made from a naturally robust and strong material more than to the standard of a regular brush.

There is a range of both adults and children’s brushes to check out and we are looking for more to add to the options here all the time, so do keep our zero waste tooth care page bookmarked.