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Everything in Just Gaia is both plastic free and zero waste. So for any product, choose your amount, add to your basket and pay. We’ll pack up your order for you to collect.

It’s that easy.

Our zero waste grocery has a big selection of fresh foods and fresh drinks including our organic fruit and vegetable boxes.

There is also fresh organic milk, freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly made nut butter from our machines in store.

Order some online here and try it out. 

Simply add anything from the zero waste grocery into your basket in the quantity you would like.

Add pasta, rice or snacks in quantities or even add them more than once if you would like, we can combine them.

Pay via your basket using PayPal or your card and come collect from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall

Snacks, nuts and treats

Apricots Chopped

From: £0.50

Snacks, nuts and treats

Banana Chips

From: £0.72

Snacks, nuts and treats

Bombay Mix

From: £0.49

Snacks, nuts and treats

Cashew Nuts

From: £1.32

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