Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste grocery from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of zero waste cooking oil.

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Our oil range is headlined by providing the best quality of oils that give you a health boost while you eat, makes your dishes taste extra delicious and have really strong cooking performance.

While there are all kinds of oil, those factors are best in cold-pressed rapeseed oil and are what we base our range of oil bottles and refills on.

The cooking temperature is significantly higher than that of olive oil and other alternatives, making them perfect for crispy veggies in the oven. Plus, the good fat content and vitamin content make for real health benefits from cooking with it.

We also have them in some beautiful infusions of flavour.

There’s always someone who is tricky to get gifts for. But for that person the loves to cook, consider one of our gift sets of oils that will really make those dishes stand out.

We have gift packs featuring different flavours including a specialist English truffle cooking oil which add so much flavour to anything you cook. It’s particularly good for roast potatoes with your roast dinner.

Our multi-pack also makes for a great gift including a selection of different oils, including a chilli spiced oil great for those hot dishes.

Simply add anything from the range into your basket. The pre-packed sets are ready to order.

For zero waste cooking oils, the first time we recommend you purchase with one of our glass bottles and spouts. From there you can select refill options and we’ll either refill when you collect or swap your empty bottle with a new one.

Pay via your basket using PayPal or your card and come collect from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, Halifax.