Welcome to Just Gaia.com and to find out more about us.

Just Gaia is open now in The Piece Hall, Halifax in West Yorkshire ready and waiting for you to come visit us when you can.

Just Gaia is a plastic free shop and cafe situated on the North Wall of The Piece Hall, on the “Rustic” level (middle floor), next to the Gin Lane Shop. Find out more and get in touch by visiting the Contact Us page, here.

What does plastic free mean in Just Gaia?

In Just Gaia we believe you can get high quality products that are of excellent quality, can be purchased just as conveniently as you do now, but without the single use plastic.

This means that any product you purchase from Just Gaia will not involve any single use plastics as you purchase them. 

It’s as simple as that.

Where plastic is used in some products in Just Gaia it is never single use or is dealt with as by us. The way we see it, it’s down to us, as responsible business owners to ensure we use as little plastic as possible and where we have to, reuse it or ensure it is fully recycled.

This is not something that we will pass on to you as our customer.

About Just Gaia what plastic free means
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What happens to the plastic we use?

Many suppliers of Just Gaia use plastics while providing our stock. We have spent a lot of time during our setup to ensure we stock from local suppliers as much as possible. With many of them from Halifax, Huddersfield and in the wider Yorkshire region.

This means that where plastic is used, we simply send it back for the supplier to refil and use again such as the tea from Craft Tea, Coffee from Bean Bros. and others.

Where possible we are having conversations with suppliers too about how to eradicate the need for plastic in our regular deliveries. If nothing else can be done we will ensure anything remaining is completely recycled.

Our Story

Just Gaia was both created and opened in 2019. An inspired Natalie and Ross Denby, who were allowed out without the children for too long, and came back with a business plan!

Starting our own business had always been something we dreamed of.

But, to actually do it needed to be something special, something that we deemed worthwhile to our community and us.

Having seen some of the outstanding eco-conscious shops out there knew it would be perfect in Halifax, West Yorkshire where there was nothing like it. 

When we thought about that, we realised it was something we had to and was something that would inspire our children too. 

From there the concept for the shop was created but going a step further than just Zero Waste.

We wanted Just Gaia to be a plastic-free shopping experience that combined both the ideas behind zero waste shopping and removing the need for single use plastic.

All while keeping the quality of product and convenience.

Just Gaia Plastic Free shop - shop floor image

Just Gaia & The Piece Hall

It’s one thing to have a vision of a plastic free shop, it’s another to find where to open. Fortunately, we live in Halifax, home to some amazing locations. 

Number 1 on our list was The Piece Hall, a stunningly renovated 18th Century cloth hall. One with a passion for local businesses in the retail units, and the community here in Halifax and Calderdale.

Once we could do so, we applied and found a beautiful space for us on the Rustic section of the North Wall inside The Piece Hall which we now call home.

We continue to feel honored and humbled to have Just Gaia, our family run business, accepted into The Piece Hall family. 

Meet the Just Gaia family

Just Gaia owner Natalie Denby

Owner / Shop Manager

The founder of Just Gaia and day-to-day store manager in our shop, in The Piece Hall.

Just Gaia owner Ross Denby

Owner / Web Manager

The second founding member of Just Gaia and web manager for this site.

Just Gaia Team

Our first Just Gaia team member and part of the family too. You’ll find her helping in the Just Gaia shop.