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Welcome to the Just Gaia drinks containers from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of water bottles, hot drinks cups and more.

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Let’s be honest, it’s colder in the UK than it is warm. And even when it is hot for those couple of days, your parents told you about the whole “hot drinks cooling you down” thing.

True or not true… we still love a good hot drink whatever the weather. That’s why we love coffee, tea and hot chocolate from places like the Just Gaia cafe.

But to reduce the number of take away cups used daily we need to use reusable hot drinks containers.

Find some great options including stainless steel insulated TKWides from Klean Kanteen, bamboo cups and Just Gaia’s own hand blown glass cups.

One way to be sure the next generation is ready for the new way of living is by starting them with reusable drinks bottles early.

This gets them in great habits for when they are older.

Our range of children’s drinks bottles are fab, with interesting designs from Klean Kanteen and on bamboo cups.

They will love them and, it’ll keep them good and hydrated too.

Yes, you need water and you need it on the go.

In the words of Yoda: need the plastic, you do not!

Let’s get used to being more sustainable and stylish at the same time with these options on reusable water bottles.

We have an outstanding range of insulated and single-layer water bottles of all shapes and sizes.

This includes sports caps and twist-off tops along in various sizes and colours.

Shop the whole range below.