Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste grocery from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of zero waste pasta and rice.

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We have a wide range of pasta options in the zero waste area of Just Gaia. One that will make people with a wheat allergy is the Gluten Free option on our pasta available here.

There is a range of dry wheat-based pasta too with wholewheat and white pasta options on fusilli, penne and spaghetti available.

This is all sold by weight so choose how much you require and we package this in store from our dispensers.

Our range of rice includes plenty of actual rice options such as white basmati rice and brown rice for cooking.

But we also offer some short-grain options in arborio rice perfect for making some risotto.

Plus, we have some more dark rice on offer too including some wild rice that is perfect to mix in with more traditional options to make something tastier for being together.

We also have some rice alternatives like Quinoa if you want to mix it up.

Simply add anything from the zero waste grocery into your basket in the quantity you would like.

All pasta and rice is sold by weight so you choose how much you need of each and add to your basket online for us to pack for you in-store.

Pay via your basket using PayPal or your card and come collect from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, Halifax.

Pasta and Rice

Bulgar Wheat (Organic)

From: £0.30

Pasta and Rice

Butter Beans

From: £0.45