Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste grocery from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of zero waste flour.

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We are always adding new products to the online shop so do keep this page in your favourites to keep popping back to when you need something.

We have an outstanding supply of organic produce at Just Gaia including our range of bread flour.

We have source from organic millers in the UK that will bring you the best quality bread at home.

Where possible, we use stoneground flour from Yorkshire for that local touch but always from UK based companies.

Our range usually includes both wholemeal and white bread flour so feel free to pick some up and get baking.

If you are after some zero waste flour for baking at home we have a range of self-raising and plain flour ready to use.

You can even mix this with our fruit and nut mix or some other nutty combo’s from the shop to make something nice and delicious.

We try to keep the options seasonal so be sure to check we have the right flour for the time of year. We’ll also link this area to other zero waste products for baking seasonally.

Simply add anything from the zero waste grocery into your basket in the quantity you would like.

We sell bread flour by the kilogram packed in-store to order. Baking flour is usually sold pre-packed in 500g or 1kg paper bags.

Pay via your basket using PayPal or your card and come collect from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, Halifax.

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