Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste grocery from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of zero waste snacks, nuts and treats.

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There is nothing like a good snack to get you through the day, or night depending on what time you get peckish!

Our zero waste snacks give you that little extra boost you need but do away with all that awful plastic packaging you find around them usually.

From the UK’s first ever compostable crisp packets to our range of classic snacks filled by weight, there is something for everyone to take a bite out of.

As a family, we are a bit zero waste nuts… in both senses of the word!

But with no plastic packaging and us sourcing the best nut suppliers in the UK, including some delicious organic options there plenty to enjoy here.

We loose nuts available by weight. Plus, nut mixes including dried fruits and our trail mix with coconut, banana chips and nuts is a big favourite.

We all love something a bit on the more naughty side. Pick up something chocolatey or maybe some of our more decadent treats.

All plastic free of course.

This includes some very tasty vegan fudge and Turkish delight along with our honeycomb bites coated in both yoghurt and milk chocolate.

Everything is packaged by weight so grab what you fancy, pop it in your basket and order to pick up from The Piece Hall.

Snacks, nuts and treats

Apricots Chopped

From: £0.50

Snacks, nuts and treats

Banana Chips

From: £0.72

Snacks, nuts and treats

Bombay Mix

From: £0.49

Snacks, nuts and treats

Cashew Nuts

From: £1.32

Snacks, nuts and treats

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

From: £1.05

Snacks, nuts and treats

Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs

From: £0.83

Snacks, nuts and treats

Organic Almonds

From: £1.95