Welcome to the Just Gaia zero waste fridge from our family shop in Halifax, West Yorkshire focusing on our range of plastic free cold drinks.

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While we love a bit of health food at Just Gaia, there is nothing wrong with having a little treat here and there. Especially when they come full of natural ingredients and plastic free.

They are also all about organic farming and fairtrade with all communities they are involved with.

This doesn’t even cover how good the drinks are. With their own take on cola and all-natural sweetened diet cola alongside Lemony Lemonade and more.

All come in a recyclable (or reusable) glass bottle.

As a tea specialist, we love anything that is tea based. With our plastic free cold drinks, we certainly wanted to add some refreshing kombucha to the range.

Where better to look than locally?

The guys at Equinox kombucha are from Hebden Bridge make an amazing range of flavours that we have available to order online.

These include raspberry and elderflower, ginger and pink grapefruit & guava.

See the range below.

Simply add anything from the zero waste fridge into your basket in the quantity you would like.

All plastic free soft drinks come in glass bottles that you are welcome to use for other drinks or recycle. We are working on some refills in store soon for cold drinks too so watch out for that.

Pay via your basket using PayPal or your card and come collect from Just Gaia in The Piece Hall, Halifax.