A Corona Christmas Carol…

2020 has not been the easiest of years for anyone but here at Just Gaia we’re still very much looking forward to a Plastic Free Christmas 2020.

Santa might be wearing a face mask and his elves might well have to social distance as they prep for this year.

We’re not sure how Rudolf and the other reindeer will get sanitiser on their hooves either. Or how all those ghosts can visit Scrooge safely…

But we do know that there will be a lot of plastic waste, along with waste in general. It’s the same every Christmas, but it doesn’t need to be…

At Just Gaia, we’re doing all we can to help you enjoy Christmas without all that plastic waste.

It’s already going to be different this year, so we think why not change something for the better?

We’ll talk more about this specifically in blogs over the coming weeks as listed above..

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Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

If you fancy taking a look at some of our Christmas products, including these decorations.

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Baby, it’s Cold Outside… So stay in!

Covid restrictions have put us a rather too familiar place right now as we head into the Christmas shopping season.

Unfortunately, this means no Christmas Fair at The Piece Hall this November, which we were going to join in with this time…

But, we will not be stopped!

So, if you want to get involved with a Christmas market from the comfort of your own home…

And grab some beautiful, handmade and plastic free Christmas presents then you WILL be able to.

We love our social media as we said above so we are currently organising an LIVE and Online Christmas Market and will be going live on November 28th.

More information will be revealed when our gift guide launches November 14th.

Plastic Free Christmas Online Market 2 Square


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