Organic, local and amazing quality fruit and veg

As a family, we really do try to eat healthy. One of the key parts to achieving that that is getting the right fresh fruit and vegetables in our diet.

But it’s not easy to find truly great quality fruit and vegetables out there.

And it’s really hard to find them not coated in tonnes of plastic!

So, at Just Gaia to bring amazing vegetables and fruit to Halifax, all of which is Certified Organic and with the majority produced locally or within the UK. And, completely plastic free.

Sounds good? Find out how you can get involved in our box scheme below.

Just What You Need, Each Week

We have made a few options to make it super easy to pop into Just Gaia in The Piece Hall and pick up this amazing, organic Fruit and Veg.

Firstly, come into the shop anytime and choose exactly what you want by the item. Use our touchscreen scale system and just get what you want.

But, if you tend to need a good range of fruit and vegetables (or just one or the other) you can order our Organic Weekly Fruit and Veg Box.

It’s put together for you by hand and ready to collect from The Piece Hall in the Centre of Halifax.

You can have our main fruit and veg box with a mixture of everything we have to offer.

Or you can have the weekly veg box that only goes for those tasty veggies. Plus, you can grab a bag of fruit that includes our weekly selection of tasty organic fruit.

This is perfect for the little ones or to take to work and keep you away from the biscuits (for a while anyway)!

How to order your Organic weekly Fruit and Veg Box

Online shop now managing subscriptions

Corvid-19 update: We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy in these testing times.

We now have an Online Shop which means we no longer use the form. Details are below as usual however buttons take you to the specific product in the shop to order.

This will send you emails and give you control to manage your subscription as you see fit. Including swapping boxes or days, adding more or suspending when you need a week off.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. Thank you.

Note: Due to the size of our shop in The Piece Hall, some items will be limited and therefore may need to be exchanged for other times to meet the value of your box should stock run out.

Fruit and Vegetable Box Subscriptions

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