Brussels Sprouts for Christmas Organic Vegetables Box

Fresh and ready to roast!

Thank you to those who have been enjoying our weekly fruit and veg boxes already. For those yet to sample one, you can enjoy some beautiful, fresh vegetables this Christmas.

On Monday the 23rd of December our local supplier will be arriving at Just Gai a bit like good old Santa Claus.

They will be bringing a sleigh van of locally produced potatoes, carrots, parsnips and, of course, brussels sprouts! 

Once they arrive, the Just Gaia elves will make them into Christmas Organic Vegetables boxes, ready to collect from the Piece Hall, Halifax from 3pm on Monday 23rd December, 2019.


The right amount for Christmas

Down the page enter your details into the form, including how many are coming around to Christmas dinner.

This ranges from a smaller gathering of up to 8 people or for those getting the “emergency chairs” out this year!

This helps us with order quantity and how many of each to put together specifically for you and plan for others.

Roasted Christmas Veggies for Christmas Organic Vegetables Box page

Register your details below to order

Due to space we won’t have that many boxes, please let us know below if you would like one.

Use the Google Form below to register your details. We will be in contact with you in the next few days about your order.

You can message any questions you may have to us using the Facebook messenger.

The box will include all organic:

  • Rudolph Potatoes – Perfect for roasties or mash
  • Orange, Green and Purple Carrots – Signature Just Gaia “Rainbow Carrots”
  • Parsnips – Grown in Yorkshire
  • Swede – Ready to get Christmas spiced
  • Red Cabbage –  Adding more colour and spice to the table
  • Sprouts! – Love ’em or hate them, they are in the box

With our shop in The Piece Hall being on the cosy side, we can’t stack bags of ‘spuds up to the ceiling. Plus, we certainly wouldn’t want any of this amazing produce to go to waste.

This means limited numbers, so please, let us know ASAP if you would like one. Payment can be made in Just Gaia by card, contactless (including Google/Apple pay) and cash.


Up to 8 People Dining
3kg Rudolph Potatoes
800g Rainbow Carrots?
650g Parsnips
650g Swede
300g Sprouts
Red Cabbage
Fresh Rosemary & Sage
Up to 16 People Dining
6.5kg Rudolph Potatoes
1.6kg Rainbow Carrots
1.3kg Parsnips
1.3kg Swede
650g Sprouts
Red Cabbage
Fresh Rosemary & Sage


Plastic Free Christmas Extras

With any of these boxes you can have a selection of our Christmas extras bagged and ready to go.

This includes some of our amazing ground coffee from the Bean Brothers roastery in Huddersfield. Some ground Belgian Chocolate perfect to melt into some milk for Christmas eve.

Plus, some brandy soaked “mince meat” to make your own mince pies and more options too.

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